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Why do you need our printing services?

High Quality Printing

Document must look presentable.

Paper or Card

Choice of printing material

Bulk Discount

on Bulk Printing up to 50%


Easy Grip

Grip is made to be compact even for larger sizes so that stamp fits on hand nicely.

Refillable stamp


Refill ink will save you money in the run.

Unique Stamping
Photo, Signature, Company logo & Text

High Quality Stamper
5000 to 6000 crisp impressions before re-inking.

Waterproof Ink
Useful for important documents.

Take note: The examples of the rubber stamps above are just acted as references. The details of the rubber stamps are unreal. 

Name Stamp

Name Stamp

Name stamp is self-inked stamp, that can stamp on paper, plastic, metal, wood and fabric. 

Kids can used it to stamp on their belongings, to differentiate their identical items from their friends or their siblings. 

It is also suitable for marketers to stamp on souvenir (as a gift to their clients). 

Most important is just like other rubber stamp, it can stamp on paper.

Detailed Features:

waterproof stamp

Wash Resistant

waterproof stamp on round surface

Water Resistant

waterproof stamp on round surface

Can stamp on round surfaces

Refillable ink